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CBS-127 (CI 378)

CAS NO.: 40470-68-6


Iterm name:

 4,4-Bis [2-(2-methoxyphenyl) ethenyl]-1,1-biphenyl


Molecular weight:      418     

Ash:                           0.5%min.  

Assay:                         99.0%min

Bulk density:            1.23g/cm3     

Melting point:            216-222℃

Volatile content:        0.3% Max  

Particle size:                60-200 meshes

Appearance:               light yellow color crystal powder

Max. absorption wavelength:        375nm(in ethanol)


CBS-127 is an optical brightener applicable to polymers, especially for PVC and phenylethylene products. It could be added to the polymers as pigment. The bright white color will present on the products if used low concentration of CBS-127 together with anatase titanium dioxide The concentration of CBS-127 should add-up if the rutile anatase titanium dioxide will be used.

CBS-127 aslo can be used in other plastics such as PMMA, PB ,etc.

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