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CBS-X (CI351)

CAS NO.: 27344-41-8

Iterm name:
Sodium salt of 4.4-bis(2-disulfonic acid styryl)biphenyl

Molecular Formula:     C28H20O6 S2Na2

Molecular Weight:      562.6

CAS No.:             27344-41-8

Appearance:             Yellowish Green granule or powder

Max. Absorption Wavelength:  348-350nm

Extinction Index:              1105-1181(E1%/cm)

Loss on drying (%)            5%max

Ironic character:               Anion


Optical Brightener CBS-X is Mainly used in increasing whiteness of detergent, soap and extensively used in synthetic washing powder, especially suitable for liquid detergent. It can also be used directly in whiting cotton, silk, woven, and paper etc.

CBS-X has perfect durability against chlorine/oxygen bleaching, strong whitening strength, and good solubility in water under low temperature.

Typical Feature:  Convenient and Effective.

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