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OB-1 (CI 393)

CAS NO.: 1533-45-5

Item name:

2,2-(1,2-Ethenediyldi-4, 1-phenylene) bis-benzoxazole


Molecular Formula:           C28H18N2O2              

Molecular weight:    414.4

CAS No.:                1533-45-5          

Melting Point:max           

Odor:                Free of Odor

Volatile Content:             0.3% Max          

Assay:                99% Min

Particle Size:                60-200 Mesh

Appearance: Yellowish or yellowish green crystal powder

Max. Absorption Wavelength: 374 nm (in ethanol)

Max Emission Wavelength: 434 nm(in ethanol)

Properties :

Optical brighteners function by absorbing ultraviolet radiation and remitting blue light. The emitted blue light will reduce the yellow color of a polymer.

OB-1 has excellent whiteness in Polyester fibers, also wildly used in ABS, PS, PET, HIPS, PA, PC, PP, EVA and hard PVC etc.

OB-1 performs excellent resistance to heat, remarkable whitening effects, good light fastness and very low dosage.

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