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OB (CI 184)

CAS NO.: 7128-64-5

Item name:  2,2-(2,5-Thiophenediyl) Bis [5-(1,1-dimethylethy)]-Benzoxazole


Appearance:    pale yellowish color powder

Molecular Formula:       C26H26O2N2S

Molecular Weight:       430

CAS No.:              7128-64-5

Melting Point:              196-203℃

Assay:            98.0% min.

Ash:                             0.3%max.

Volatile Content:    0.3%max.

Max. Absorption Wavelength:      375nm(in ethanol)

Max. Emission Wavelength: 435nm(in ethanol)


Optical Brightener OB is highly effective in polymer substrates such as engineering plastics, PE, PC, PVC, PS, ABS, and PP, adhesive and other organic substrates.

Main applications include fiber, molded article, film and sheet. And also can be used in clear lacquers, pigmented lacquers, paints, printing ink and synthetic leather. It will produce brilliant brightness with dyestuff, which is very efficient in directions for multicolor.

OB features excellent resistance to heat, exceptional whitening properties, good light fastness and low volatility.

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