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SWN (CI 140)

CAS NO.: 91-44-1

Item name:  4-methyl -7-diethyl coumarin


Molecular weight:       231.28

Appearance:         White crystal powder

Assay:            99%min

Ash:        0.5%max

Absorption maximum:    375 nm in ethanol solution

Ionic character:          Nonionic

Melting point:          70.5 – 71.9℃

CAS No.:       91-44-1

Optical brightener SWN is soluble in ethanol, glycol, acidic liquor, resin and varnish. In water, the solubility of SWN is only 0.006 percent. It’s applicable in wool, silk, acetate fiber, triacetate fiber, etc. It also can be used in cotton, plastic and chromatically press paint, and added into resin to whiten the fiber cellulose. It functions by emitting red light and present purple tincture. If add SWN into soap or washing agent, within pH 3-11,it can better the whiteness of the fabric. It can’t blend with chloritic natrium.

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